Thursday, September 4, 2014

Why Sell Your Real Estate at Auction?


Sheer excitement builds, followed by satisfaction when you hear those words come out of the auctioneer’s mouth, or read it across your screen.  There are auction companies that are raising the bar for buyers and sellers.  Companies like Platinum Bid Auction Service, who combine the best of both worlds.  We embrace the traditional values and excitement of the live auctions, but we have modern self-built software which enables our company to combine the online and the live auction experience.  Not only does online bidding allow for a wide range of buyers, it is also not controlled by climate or weather, which are always factors in a successful live sale.

But wait, why sell your real estate at auction? Is that the best idea for your property or estate? You bet it is! More and more people are buying and selling their homes and land through the auction method.  It is becoming the preferred method for many sellers. The auction practice for real estate accelerates the process. The auction company is responsible for marketing the property, where each property is handled in a unique situation and aimed at targeted audiences. Rather than waiting for people to see your real estate listings, the marketing at auction takes the information directly to the targeted buyers.

Another benefit is that every person bidding on your property must be pre-approved for financing, as well as have some amount of time or money invested to be bidding. These are all genuinely interested buyers at auction day.  However, in another aspect, the seller controls all the chips. The seller determines a set price and has the ability to accept or decline the highest bids or offers on their property.  We give you, the seller, the option to say yes or no to the final bid price. This allows you to remain in control and know exactly what is happening.  Properties generally sell “as is, where is” with no warranties given out. This process eliminates high seller carrying costs (such as interest, taxes and maintenances) as well as the worry of handling the listing themselves. Relax and let the professionals go to work for you.

Buyers that go to real estate property auctions go to buy, not just to look at the property.  Real estate auctions are also very time efficient, typically a four week marketing plan with 2-3 open houses that are 1-3 hours in length. This avoids any unnecessary time spent, additional showings, or other unplanned ventures with the property. Everything has a set plan and time frame, as predetermined by the seller and auctioneer, and advertised to any potential buyers. This also takes the seller out of the negotiating involved with selling properties, and makes it as simple as possible.

The real estate auction process is a win-win scenario for all parties involved. From the seller to the buyer this is an exciting and fast paced adventure. Platinum Bid Auction Service is ready to answer your questions, help make vital decisions, and most importantly get you the best price at auction for your real estate and property! With our new Multi-Parcel Bidding platform we offer the ability to sell your property in one unit, or separately, depending on the bidding. So whether you have a resort property or a single family home Platinum Bid can facilitate your Real Estate Auction needs!

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