Friday, September 20, 2013

Auctions Can Still Combine the Traditional and Modern Experience

Many people enjoy the thrill and excitement of going to a live auction.  However with a world that is geared to cyber purchasing and selling that may be difficult.  Traditional live auctions have the ability to create lasting relationships between the buyers and sellers.   Potential buyers have the opportunity to view the equipment the day of the sale, thus pondering on how badly the want or desire is.  The thrill of the chase is involved seeing your opponent raise their hand to the piece you are bidding on.  Sheer excitement builds, followed by satisfaction when the auctioneer shouts “Sold!”, and you are the winning bidder.  The potential for lifelong return customers and friends is an always present aspect to the live auction industry. 

However, this is a dying fad among the people of today’s society.  In today’s world this all seems to be a thing of the past.  Everything is in the cyber realm of shopping.  You can buy from eBay, Craig’s List, Amazon and countless other large online shopping networks.  These larger networks seem to be taking over the shopping and buying industry for their sake of convenience.  However, there are accounts all over the internet of scams, lies, and entrapment made every day from unhappy buyers and sellers on such sites.  How then do people purchase and have the same amount of satisfaction and happiness and not the let down and disappointment?

There are Auction Companies that are raising the bar for buyers and sellers.  Companies like Platinum Bid Auction Service, who combine the best of both worlds.  We embrace the traditional values and excitement of the live auctions, but we have modern self-built software which enables our company to combine the online and the live auction experience.  While hosting a live auction Platinum Bid offers online Simulcast Bidding through Proxibid.  So buyers will still enjoy the live tradition, while buyers who enjoy the comfort of their home may also partake in the event on a trust worthy site with quality staff.
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